Los Gitanos vs. La Vista?

Our first big decision was what we would name this RV park that we had just purchased almost six years ago now.  We liked the name “Los Gitanos” and were told it meant “The Gypsies”.  It seemed an appropriate name for an RV park.  But then when talking to some of the local folks in the area, we were told it meant “The Pirates”.  That did not seem like a good name for any business!

The previous name of the park was “La Mirada”, and that had been the name for many years until the previous owners were no longer able to keep the business going.  We then decided on “La Vista” and so a small piece of what was the larger “La Mirada” became “La Vista”.

Hard to believe that was almost 5 years ago and there have been many decisions since then, decisions that were necessary in owning and managing an RV park.  We want to believe we’ve learned from all of them.  Just like we’ve learned from all of our campers, from the ones that were with us for just an overnight visit to the long-term campers that have been with us for as much as 2 or 3 years.

Good people and good times!

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